Lint-Trap 4/2/01: Limbo




Isn't it funny that, since I got the word about being laid off, I've had two of the best days in recent memory? On Fri. and again on Mon. I worked with Jill, my weight control lady. Both days followed a similar pattern. Got there in the afternoon, worked until 7:30 or so, and then went out to dinner with her hostess and significant other. So there were two outstanding meals, neither of which I could finish. On Fri., we worked on my weight, but we also worked together with the hostess on her health issues, which are significant. On Mon., we worked toghether on my weight, but also on Huna. This was very satisfying.

I really believe my weight will just fall off me. And it's happening (14 pounds since Hawaii!). I have full trust in her, that she knows what she's doing. People who talk about their weight loss programs are almost as boring as 12-steppers, so I'll shut up about it in this journal, except to note milestones (and setbacks) from time to time.

I also had a chance to give Reiki several times. A group of us go to a senior center once a month--they love us there, and ask when we will return. And on Sun morning, I gave Reiki to a member of my meditation class. She is someone I had always liked, but haven't had a chance to get to know. She really enjoyed the Reiki, and I enjoyed giving it.

I'm discovering in myself a strong urge to travel. When I was younger, just making a stepfamily, we put all 4 kids in a car and drove from the East to the West coast, hitting every national park and relative on the way. One year, four weeks and the Northwest--Yellowstone, Glacier, Olympic Peninsula, down the coast to San Francisco. The next year, 5 weeks in the Southwest--the desert, Grand Canyon, camping on the beach in San Diego, and Los Angeles.

About a year ago, when his dot com imploded, my son because quite discouraged and decided to make a long auto trip from the West coast to the East coast. He was gone about six weeks, and I envied him the whole time. It was an excellent thing for him to have done.

Unfortunately, I have a commitment that I'm really interested in fulfilling. I am a volunteer coordinator for a self-help workshop that I took about four years ago that changed my life. It feels wonderful to give back in this way. But it means that I'll have to be here every Thursday until searly June. And the San Francisco Opera performs in June. Crunch! I'm diddling my schedule bigtime to try to fit everything in...

Since Jill lives in Portland, I'm going to have to figure out how to get up there, or get her down here for at least four more sessions. That will be a challenge. Maybe I'll drive to Portland as a start to my travels...

Thank you for reading.

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