Lint-Trap 4/7/01: Snow?




As I look out my window, it is snowing! In California, in April! Go Figure! Living at 2500 feet is almost like being on another planet. Down in the valley yesterday, overcast and slight drizzle. Up here, pouring rain. And now snow. It's already turning to rain, so I'm not getting too concerned about it.

When I first started this journal, I was determined to update daily. I was keenly aware of my disappointment when I would check my favorite journals and discover that nothing had happened. I've resisted having a notify list because I assumed it would not be necessary. And now I'm finding gaps of three, four, five days growing between entries.

Is this a downward spiral, where nobody reads because I don't update, and so I don't write so often, etc.

However, I do think it's reasonable to let one's readership know what those more important things were. So, this week, that passed by in a blur, was spent:

  • Negotiating with my company for a better severance package.
  • Sorting through over five years of computer and paper files, and chucking most of them.
  • Moving a few professional files, such as articles I wrote for professional journals, from my office computer to my home computer.
  • Doing a modest amount of work to finish up my duties at work.
  • Talking to tax people and stock people about how to live when my job ends.
  • Arranging to go to Portland next Fri/Sat for more Weight work.
  • Arranging a trip for Jill to come down later in the month, and lining up some other clients for her.
  • Clearing Clutter
  • This last item requires some explanation. Sam had recommended to her a wonderful book and/or audiotape by Karen Kingston called Clear your Clutter with Feng Shui. She saw the audiotape a few months later, and bought it. She said "I put the tape on in my car and listened to it for half an hour while I drove home. When I got home, I went straight to my bedroom and spent a week cleaning it out--I took bag after bag to Goodwill. And, just like the tape said, I have so much more energy now!"

    So I climbed onto Amazon and ordered two tapes--one for me and one for Diana. The tape is wonderful--she has a beautiful warm British accent, (so clutter become "clutt-ah") and is very persuasive. In our personal space, why shouldn't it be that everything we set our eyes on is beautiful and supports our journey through life. It sounds so reasonable.

    I'm less convinced about the bagua of Feng Shui--this is a diagram that suggests that certain corners of rooms stand for things like prosperity and relationships. She feels that clutter tends to arise where your energy is blocked, so if your relationship is stagnent you will find clutter appearing in your relationship corner, etc. Ever the skeptic (an attitude she encourages) I was embarrased to find in the relationship corner of my bedroom a wastebasket, full, that had not been emptied in months. And next to that, a bookcase. She suggests that perhaps that means that I'm in love with books... Hmmph.

    Always the suggestable one, I emptied the wastebasket and I do find a different feeling in the room. Much farther to go, however--my office is still in a sorry state, not to mention my closet. She speaks to letting go of the old things in your life to let the new things come in--that's a tall order for me, although I let go of a lot of stuff when I moved up here. But a lot remains. It's stopped snowing, and I have clutter to clean.

    Thank you for reading.

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