Lint-Trap 1/30/01: ISDN is a Four Letter Word


ISDN is a Four Letter Word


Serious, serious ISDN problems together with my home line not wanting to stay connected to my ISP (probably the same cause--the rotten cable). Called in again today. I was told it would be fixed by 9PM this evening--I'll believe it when I see it. So maybe a real entry...

I have some more pictures of the Cioppino party, and will inflict a few of them on you after the pixel bloat is squzzed out of them with Photoshop. Of course, to do that, I need my phone line to stay connected to the ISP for more than 2 minutes...

If I sound frustrated, I am. Couple that with a talk at work and my yearly performance review and I'm not in the best of moods. Hope to write more soon. In fact, hope to keep updating daily if the hardware Gods (that great troika in the pantheon: Router, Modem, and ISP) will smile on me. Maybe I should burn some capacitors or something in their honor...

Hail, Router, slow of pace
My calls aren't getting to first base
I eye my ISP with scorn
My phone line sounds like popping corn
Great Modem, come, and succor me
Replace the cable in the tree
My journal access please restore
So entries won't be such a bore
If you my hardware problems fix
I'll fill these pages with more pix
But should the status quo prevail
My readership I'll surely fail
One last lament. Alack! Aday!
Then back to work, if not to play

Thank you for reading.

Copyright © 2001 Pete Stevens. All rights reserved.