Lint-Trap 1/31/01: Mostly Pictures


Mostly Pictures


A cold still night, and my phone line appears to be functional this morning, so I was able to move over some pictures. Since I have a bit of a backlog and not much time this morning, I'll put them up without much fanfare.

Most of them date from the Cioppino party. As I recounted, Sam and I managed to interchange our cameras, so she went home with my pictures. After some time, we got our cameras sorted out, only to discover that my batteries were low and my pictures were lost. However, she had sucked the pictures out onto her machine. So she emailed them to me. Eventually I was able to get them sorted out and in to Photoshop, fighting various ISP and ISDN problems the while. So here are a few more from that day.

What better to start off with than the sunrise, taken as I prepared to meet Sam for our early-morning run to Moss Landing.

Sunrise on Cioppino Day

While we were waiting for Phil's Fish Market to open, we went to the beach and saw a kayaker pretending he was a surfer.

Kayaker who thinks he's a surfer

Finally, here is the table just before we started demolishing the Cioppino. Sam, the cook, is on the left wearing red. Notice our cute bibs, very necessary...

Cioppino Table

Off to a busy day on a beautiful clear day here. Pray for ISDN to stay reliable...

Thank you for reading.

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