Lint-Trap 1/28/01: Wounds, Water, and Taxes


Wounds, Water, and Taxes


I slept gloriously late this morning and arose to discover that I had no water. Investigation showed that the 5000 gallon tank at the top of the hill was bone dry. A bit of fiddling here and there with the archaic electric system, and it started up again. Most likely, one of the electrical indignities we have had visited on us in the last couple of weeks (including rolling blackouts, lightning, and several power surges and outages) had confused the pump control, which recovered with a good swift kick. I hope...

Then it was off to Tarot class. Since I've already said a fair amount about this class, suffice it to add that I now know more about the Five Wounds and similar topics than I ever thought I would. It's more interesting than it sounds...

And finally back home to begin my tax-time rituals. Blech and blech! Sorting off all the different kinds of reciepts, etc., making sure I have all the stubs of various kinds, dealing with my house, etc. It's all pretty boring, really, but has a strange calmness about it. A belief begins to grow that perhaps last year made more sense in total than it appeared to at the time.

The taxes still need much work, being now spread out over every horizontal surface in my living room. But I did want to make at least a short entry confirming that I'm still thinking of you, readers, among the tax forms.

Thank you for reading.

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