Buzz and Hummm


It's hard to think that October is nearly here.  The last few weeks have gone by in a haze, between being in Hawaii and the WTC thing.  There are a few high spots in the last few days, though.

On the business side, one of my two partners has decided that she's had enough of working without pay.  She is a brilliant marketer when she is feeling up, but when she starts to feel down she gets very sharp with everyone, starts shedding work and missing commitments, and is a bit of a trial to be with.  My other partner was ready to dump her.  I talked to him, and we found a way that she could come to the conclusion that it was not working for her and we could remain friends and continue to use her services from time to time.  So he spoke with her, and it worked!  She will continue with the projects she'd started with us, and everything is fine.

Actually, everything is not fine with her.  Her boyfriend has started using drugs and not coming home at night.  She has a difficult month or two ahead of her.  I had a long talk with her in which I said that she had to take care of herself, first.  I think she will--she's a survivor.

The title involves how my head was feeling about 9pm last night.  As I was doing my second Reiki attunement.  The branch of Reiki I practice has three levels--level one involves an initiation which opens your hands up to do healing.  Then you practice.  Then level 2, which you take when you are ready, greatly increases the power.  Then level 3, or master level, is a big deal--it's a year apprenticeship, during which you help your master initiate others.  That's what I'm doing this weekend.

Initiating someone is a powerful feeling, in all senses of the word.  Because it isn't my power, I'm just directing it.  The level one initiation has four stages, and I did the second stage last night on one person.  About 1 minute into it (it takes about 5 minutes) my mind became filled with buzzing and humming and I forgot everything, even my name.  I had enough sense to look beseechingly at Sam (my Reiki master) and Diana (who is also a master in training) and they coached me through the rest of it.  By the end, I was dripping in sweat and beet red, and the buzzing and humming were still going on.

But, as they say, you should have seen the other guy!  He is a large man, and looked like a Buddha experiencing enlightenment when I finished.  We asked him how he felt, and he kept saying "Light.  There was so much light."  So I guess I did it OK.

I need to cut this short, since we do the rest of the initiation today, along with some level 2's.  I expect to be totally toasted by evening.  Which will be a wonderful get-together with some friends I haven't seen in a while.

Before I go, though, I want to thank a reader in Puerto Rico who sent wonderful email that made my day.  Thanks to her.

And thank you for reading.

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