Sunrise Moonset


I woke up early this morning, and, staggering around trying to focus I suddenly stopped short and ran to grab my digicam. The nearly full moon was setting just as the morning dawn was breaking. It looked like:


This is one of those sights that the camera really can't capture well--the moon appeared to have an eerie quality of light, and was far more arresting to my eye than the camera's. But you get the idea.

The white stuff in the foreground is fog, that fills in the valleys until it looks as if I am nearly on the shoreline instead of 8 or so miles away. Here's how close it was this morning--the line of trees is just across the street from my house:

Fog at Dawn

Actually, just before I awoke, I was having a dream where I was in church with my ex-wife (who is quite devout), and at the end of the service everyone stood up and I was naked. People were beginning to become a bit restless, but I was quite unconcerned about my nakedness, but rather more concerned that I didn't know where my clothes were. "Do you remember where I put my clothes?" I asked my ex-wife, and then woke up.

Actually, this dream is huge for me. One of my most common recurring negative dream themes is that I am in public and suddenly notice that I'm naked, or clad only in underpants. A common variant has me about to go onstage to perform in a chorus when I make this discovery (and, by the way, I can't find my music either). The discovery that I am naked typically produces panic in the dream, followed by a short amount of thrashing-type behavior and then I wake up with my heart pounding. Today when I woke up, I was quite calm. I'm guessing that some of the material that came up at my last workshop finally put this panic dream theme to rest. Now if I could only improve my memory...

Thank you for reading.

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