Lint-Trap 3/23/01: Home Again


Home Again


In my last entry, I wrote "It will be a long day, I fear...". I didn't know the half of it. My plane back was 5 hours late, and I got into the airport at 2:00 AM. Luckily, Diana's parents live close to the airport, and I had been able to reach her--so she went to her parents and sacked out on the couch until I called.

(Aside: it's a really strange feeling to call someone at 2AM. You dial very carefully. For a wrong number at 2AM, "I'm sorry!" seems so inadequate.)

By the time I'd collected my suitcases, including my ipu heke, met Diana, went back to her house, collected my car, and got home, it was 4AM. By the time I got my computer turned on, the ISDN line unsnarled, and had sent mail to my boss saying I wouldn't be in until afternoon, it was 4:30AM. I did manage to sleep until 10:15, and have snapped back into this time zone pretty quickly.

I haven't said much about my job in this journal. I've been working for a boss who, for whatever reason, does not seem to trust me all that much. He hasn't given me very interesting things to do, and has nitpicked what I did. One of the things that became real clear to me at Huna was that this situation had to change. If I couldn't get more interesting and challenging things to do from him, I have to find somewhere else in the company to work, or find another company to work for.

It is possible that I could retire in the summer if our stock price recovers a bit. However, I think I need to focus more on deciding what I want to do, and ignore the stock price. Retirement for me will not mean doing nothing--quite the opposite. But I'd like to be able to focus less on the amount of money my activites bring in, and more on what I really want to do. And it would be nice to have enought money to keep going to Hawaii and the Opera (my two most expensive hobbies!).

So anyway, I came back from Huna determine to change my job, only to find that my Boss had come to the same conclusion, which he announced to me by email. I think it's the right decision, but it leaves me without much to do right now. I'm inclined to move back into technical work at this point, if I can do that without being butchered financially. Anyhow, meetings with my boss today to discuss the situation... I'm feeling more excitemeent than fear--I'm glad things are finally coming unstuck.

Here are a couple of Hawaii pictures from the Volcano walk. The first is a view into the crater where the goddess Pele is said to make her home:

Pele's Home

The other is a rainbow taken at the crater. I believe every time I have done the volcano walk, I have seen a rainbow, frequently double, and once a triple.

Crater Rainbow

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