Lint-Trap 2/25/01: Ego




Two presentations and a planning meeting left me totally wiped on Fri. evening. The high point of the Huna planning was when we started thinking of names for the group of us who are putting on these events. Since Huna is not exactly mainsteam, I suggested we call ourselves the "Macadamia Nuts". One of our member, bless her, started hooting and slaping her knee and going into fits of giggles which would break out again in whoops. The best response I've got from a bon mot in years. The other two planners exchanged tight little smiles and got up to get more wine, which they surely needed.

Later, Diana suggested that "Kona Kooks" might be an alternative...

Saturday was rain rain rain and more rain. Did I mention it was raining? A slight glisten early in the morning that might have been frost or ice or hail or a little snow. Didn't last long. Sam had organized a Reiki outing to a retirement home, so I came down for that. There were six of us, and we gave Reiki to about 10 people an one lapdog. It seemed to go over pretty well. One woman kept exclaiming in astonishment "I feel so relaxed!". Several people asked us when we would come again. I think we may do this monthly.

One depressing thing for me about retirement homes is that there are so few men there. I suppose I should take the point of view that when I am in a retirement home I'll have my pick of the women, but I know enough statistics to put the damper on that line of reasoning. Besides which I'm left handed, and so doomed to an early demise, probably while trying to open a can with a manual can opener.

In the evening, Diana and I went to Tartuffe>--Diana was in the hospital when I went last week, so she could not come with me. She totally loved it, and I enjoyed it even more the second time.

This morning, it was up early and drive 75 miles to my monthly Tarot class. The big wizard who teaches it was out of town, so we had a little wizard, and the class was really a lot of fun. That material affects each of use a bit differently, but it definitely draws a reaction from all of us. It looks like it will take a couple of years at this rate to get through the whole set (22 cards), but I'm not complaining...

So I came to work to pick up my rain jacket, only to discover that it wasn't hanging on the hook in my office after all. Damn and damn! This is a pretty major problem, considering how it's been pouring. Time to start looking in nooks and cranny's and remembering where I've been over the last few days...

Anyhow, off to Diana's, and then hopefully to bed early. A very busy week is set this week...

Thank you for reading.

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