Lint-Trap 2/23/01: Light




Well, an eventful couple of days. Thursday evening I saw Diana, and she was in wonderful shape. She had at least a couple of dozen of her hundreds of laughs, she was focused, caolm, and determined. The grogginess was gone, and she was there in a way she hadn't been for over a week.

I left her house in a very upbeat mood. I even suffered the traffic jam on 17 with pretty good grace until I reached the summit and discovered that the reason for the traffic jam was an overturn accident, and the reason for the overturn accident was ice and snow.

A lot of ice and snow.

I got off 17 and started along the road to my house. As we got higher and higher, there was more and more snow, slush, and ice. I was taking it pretty easy, since much of the road has nothing on the side but a drop of 50 to 500 feet. Finally, I reached a somewhat steep setion of road, and my car couldn't make it. I was still about 3 miles from home.

Muttering "I should have bought a four wheel drive car..." I managed to turn around without sliding off the road, and went back to Diana's. A major bummer. Took off my clothes, washed them in the sink, and hung them up to dry.

Poor Diana has been having trouble sleeping, and I didn't help her, I'm afraid, with this little escapade.

So, Fri. morning I woke up at 5:30, tossed my still-damp clothes in the dryer to get the last of the damp out of them, and the went to work. I had two big presentations on Fri., and had intended to finish one of the them after getting home on Thurs. Since I never got home, I needed to scurry on Fri. It all worked out--asisde from a slight residual sense that my clothes weren't as clean as I'd like, and a tendency to fall asleep in my (overheated...) office, the day went well.

Several of us Huna students are putting together a workshop on Huna, an introduction, which we will do next Sun. So on Fri. evening, we met to get the last details worked out. We're all excited about doing this, and looking forward to it. And then, a few days later, I'm off to Hawai'i. I'll miss Diana, and Sam, who won't be coming this time either, but looking forward to seeing many friends there.

Thank you for reading.

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