Lint-Trap 1/24/01: Pix!




Well, I finally seem to have conquered the technology needed to put pictures in this journal. So I can put up a couple of pictures associated with the Cioppino-fest. Here is Phil's in Moss Landing, fish-store extraordinaire:

Phil's in Moss Landing

and here is the wonderful sunset we all watched from my deck accompanied by gentle digestive sounds:

Sunset on a wonderful day

There ought to be more, and maybe there will be. But when I got my camera back from Sam, she appeared to have nuked the pictures stored in it--I think she downloaded them into her computer, so all may not yet be lost. In any case, I hope the sunset picture at least makes the site a little less 'drab'.

Diana continues sick--offical diagnosis bronchitis, still feverish, no voice to speak of. She suffered the ultimate embarrasment today. It is her son's birthday, and she was so blonkered with fever she thought the birthday was tomorrow, so she let him go to school without even a 'happy birthday'. I talked to her this morning, and you could feel her blush over the phone as she talked about it.

My company, along with many in Silicon Valley, is having their holiday party in January. It's cheaper, more relaxed, and more people seem to have the date free than if it were in Dec. It's this weekend, so I hope she's enough better to enjoy it.

We got the first look at our new space today. It's the 'before' picture of what looks like quite a gory transformation. The previous tenant was doing classified government work, so the building looks like Sing Sing -- no windows in the offices, all the walls thick with wire mesh in them, a literal frigging vault on one floor. But space in the Valley is very expensive now. So I'm on a committee to figure out what we can save and what we have to fix. It feels like an invitation to get yelled at. At least I hope I can get a reasonable office out of it...

I was eating dinner in front of the TV today and dozed off. I was awakened by a tapping sound--the phone man was on the porch, in the rain. He had tracked down the ISDN problem to a place where the phone line goes through the trees and the branches are rubbing it. He's going to have the cable replaced, but meanwhile the ISDN appears to be more or less working.

Still no flu or bronchitis. Two people from work went home sick with stomach virus. But I do feel like I'm under siege, and am going to bed early.

Thank you for reading.

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