Lint-Trap 1/23/01: Photoshop



It's raining, and once again my ISDN line is playing hard to get. And I'm fighting off Diana's flu. By 10 AM yesterday, I was convinced I was going to get it (scratchy throat, achy feeling, slight buzzing fog between the ears). I was driving into work, and suddenly had this image of a 'bug' in front of my imagination (no, I didn't swerve the car. It was all safely internal). The bug grew larger and larger until it was bigger than me and it reared up and started to loom over me. In this little daydream, I whipped out a machete and did great violence to it, taking off the forelimbs and antennae, then the head, then the thorax, and then the remaining legs. I hardly broke a mental sweat, but felt a strong sense of accomplishment.

Actually, the image owed a great deal to the guy at Phil's Sea Food doing in the crabs for Cioppino.

And almost instantly, all sense that I was coming down with the flu was gone.

Now, I did have a flu shot. And I was snarfing Vitamin C like it was going out of style. But I was pretty impressed that I could hold the symptoms at bay in this manner. If this inner image technology works reliably, I'm really onto a good thing...

By the time I got to work, I was ready for anything. Only to find out that my boss was sick and had cancelled his staff meeting. And another meeting got cancelled as well. Hardly worth going in. Today should be better...

Wish my outer image technology was in as good shape as my inner image technology. I've got some nice pictures of Phil's Fish Market, and fought photoshop to crop them and put them into reasonably-sized JPEG files. By the time they got to the web page, they were garbled with rectangles of gooky color smeared across them. A couple of hours of fiddling didn't get me much joy.

I did get my camera back from Sam, so that just doubles the frustration. I'm having dinner tonight with my son and daughter and daughter's boyfriend (a usual Tues. eve activity), and the boyfriend used to teach Photoshop classes (despite being color blind!). So I'll dump my problem into the lap of the next generation...

I gues that's a real sign of ageing, isn't it? When you are getting increasingly dependent on your kids to function in the real world (if you can call the world of journals real...).

When my kids left home, we pretty much stopped using the VCR. We used it so rarely, and they seemed to rewire the setup every two weeks anyway, that we never did figure out how to reliably turn it on and record something. Not to mention setting the clock...

Sam's son has rewired her whole house, networking her computers and her housemates to DSL and a central printer. My stepson-in-law has half rebuilt the house he grew up in, with the help (or, to hear him tell it, the hinderance) of his father. The younger generation is starting to take over... Well, for one, I welcome competance wherever I can find it.

I've got a big book on HTML, so I'm off to read it and see what I can learn about IMG and why it makes streaky rectangles. With any luck, pictures soon...

Thank you for reading.

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