Lint-Trap FAQ

So who are you, anyway? I'm a man in my fifties, married in Dec. 2001 for the third time. My wife, Diana, has two sons in High School, whom I call Eson and Yson in this journal.

What do you do for a living? I've spent over 30 years in the computer business, mostly software development and management. I retired from a startup that went public in May 2001, intending to write a book and start a second career as a management trainer. But I got an offer I couldn't refuse in Boston (and my retirement fund was butchered by the Nasdaq collapse), so I moved to the Boston area in late Jan, 2002.

What do you do in your job in Boston I work for a very successful software company, doing some management and some technical work. It's the best job I've ever had. Where did you live in California On Loma Prieta mountain, in the Santa Cruz mountains south of San Jose, CA. I had a view of the Pacific ocean from 2500 feet altitude, and I loved my house more than I can say. I'm renting it out while I'm on the East coast, and hope to really retire there eventually.

Where do you live in Mass.? An old New England town West of Boston. Our house is on an acre of wooded land near the high school, and is a pretty classic New England colonial.

Any Pets? Diana has a big dog, Barker, who I've "married" along with her and the kids.

Hobbies? Passions? Music is a biggie. I've sung in choruses, including opera choruses where I have played everything from peasants and nobles to a priest and a nun (!). I'm also interested in natural healing ( Reiki , Huna ), and personal development. I've done some management training, and am considering it as a second career after my technical well runs dry.

How long did you live in California? I moved out here with my second wife when I was in my forties, about 15 years ago. We raised four kids (two of mine, two of hers) in CA.

What about your first wife? We were amicably divorced after having two kids together. Unfortunately, she died of a rare form of cancer about the time I moved to California.

What event has most changed your life recently About four years ago, I took a personal development workshop that changed my life. Through it, I found the courage to leave my marriage, learned to love being alone, and began to really understand who I could be when I cut the crap and put my energy into what was really important to me. I have since helped the leaders of this program as a volunteer--this has been reinforcing and very rewarding.

How have you and your family adapted to New England? Much to our surprise, we have found the people to be warm and friendly, and we have made many friends here. When Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer in Dec., 2002, our friends and neighbors showered us with love and support. So, is Pete your real name? No. I have used pseudonyms for the people in this journal.

Why are you starting a journal? I have had so much pleasure from reading the journals of others. I would hope you enjoy mine as much as I've enjoyed theirs.

Who specifically has inspired you? Viv of First Person Particular is my muse--the first journal I found, by accident, on the net, and still my favorite. But followed closely by Lucidity, Journalese, American Graffiti, and Late Night Snacks.

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