Done at Last


Diana has finished her chemotherapy.

A week ago Thursday, she had her last infusion.  She has been tired and feeling kind of blah since then, but each day feels a little better.  She'll take Tomoxifin for five years starting in a few weeks, but compared to what the last 9 months have been, that will be small beer.

She looks great, and has still been doing her 3-mile walks with the dog, although not so many as previously.

The other big news around our house is that we have a new young man living with us.  I'll call him Pson (P for prodigal).  He is a friend of Eson who got in with the wrong crowd last fall, was picked up for possession of pot, and was having huge fights with his father and stepmother, who ended by throwing him out of the house.  He has been staying with us for a couple of months now.  Some interesting dynamics about that--Eson asked Diana if he could stay here "for a while" and she said OK.  Eson was astonished.  The next day, when talking with her, he suddenly burst out "Gee, mom, when did you get so cool!"

He is a gifted artist, ADD, and more than a little depressed now, but seems free of drugs and willing to stay that way.  Diana worked with him to get his G.E.D., which he just got last week.  90th percentile in several of the categories.  He's worth saving...  And it gave Diana something to do to keep her mind off of how lousy she felt.

The weather dutifully turned cold right after labor day, but the last few days have been oppressively muggy--it seems strange that you can be that uncomfortable when it's 78 degrees out, but breathing is like drinking through a straw.  If this keep us, I'll grow gills.

We are all edgy about hurricane Isobel.  It's been about 30 years since I encountered a hurricane, and it was pretty impressive (I ended up stranded at my house, which had turned into an island (albeit a pretty large one).  The good news is that the power never went out, so we boiled our water for a couple of weeks and waded through waist-deep water to town to get milk for the kids, but otherwise weren't too uncomfortable.  I'm very glad we had a lot of tree work done last summer...

We continue to be frustrated with our builder--still no ground broken.  He seems to be one of those people who can only do one thing at a time, and he is dependent on other people (plumbers, etc.) to do some of the work.  So his projects seem to take a while.  But he does good work.  As little as I want to live without a kitchen for several months, I do want him to get started so we can enjoy it this winter...

I need to drive Pson to a job interview, so I'll post this now, and hope to post again soon...

Thank you for reading.

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