April (Snow) Showers


The natives of New England are restless.  It seems like everyone you meet is complaining, and the old-time residents are complaining the most.  It should be springtime, dammit.  Stop snowing!

When we moved out here, I told Diana that she would have a chance to experience all those old expressions, such as "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb", and "April Showers".  Well, March both came in and went out like a lion, and we have just experienced our fourth April snowfall, with more due today.

Now, this is not like it was a few weeks ago!  The snow falls down (it still looks pretty), it doesn't stick to the roads or driveways, and if it does it melts in a few hours.  There is rain with the snow, something that Yson (who walked home from school in it) called 'snain'.  The three-foot snowbanks are gone.  Eson's car now is revealed as a car, after being a shiny snowbank for the last several months.  

Diana continues to be tired, but is now halfway through her chemotherapy.  In a couple of weeks, she starts radiation treatments, and then will finish the chemo into the summer.  Her spirits are good.  Last Saturday we went to a fund-raiser, where people sell things for the benefit of the church.  It was a fun evening.  The high points were various people who offered weeks at their summer places for auction--Cape Cod, lakefront cottages in New Hampshire and Vermont, mountain cabins and resort condos.  It brings in a lot of money, and it's a lot of fun.  And a lot of work for those who tend the books, etc.

So a friend of our who is always knitting had offered three of her sweaters for sale, and asked Diana to model one of them.  Well, she put it on, and I realized that she was going home with it--she loved it!  So I figured I had better buy the sweater so that I could get her back too.  The auctioneer, though amateur, was perceptive enough to know he had a sucker on his hands, and I paid dear.  She had a ball modeling, and we were all in stitches as she went from society matron to slinky supermodel to strip tease and back again in 10 seconds.  I am the luckiest of men.

It's a beautiful sweater.  And the fact that it was knit by a good friend makes it very precious.  And the money is going for a very good cause.  Win win win.  I love it when that happens!

Thank you for reading.

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