The Blahs


I've got a major case of the February Blahs this week.  Work was very frustrating--system problems, co-workers not doing what they said they would do, poorly designed tools whose stupidity turned malicious.  My boss was unreachable--he's very good as a complaint valve, but I had to bottle it.

On Thurs., Diana went in to start her second course of chemo, and flunked the blood test.  She had been tired, but had felt good, so kept going, and I guess just got run down.  So this was an anticlimax, too.

Today, at 1:30PM, I'm still in my PJ's.  Diana had cabin fever, and went out in a rainstorm to shop.  I hope she doesn't overdo it again.  I finished reading a fluffy romance novel, warmed up some leftovers, and listened to the Opera on the radio.  I'm similarly restless, but don't have enough energy to do anything about it.  It must be the February Blahs.

My first wife used to get the F. B.'s regularly.  They would start sometime the middle of Feb., and often last until early March.  We learned to plan something fun for the early spring, something to look forward to.  That helped a lot.  I don't get the F.B.'s every year, myself, but this year they are bad.  We had a record-setting snow, at least in Boston, but for some reason, we got it light--"only" about 14 inches.  It came on the Monday holiday, and by Tuesday AM things were back pretty much to normal out here (Boston center had a couple more difficult days).  It had very little effect.  It was followed by the nicest weather in months--promise of spring to come.  Of course, I was inside fighting my demon machines and software.  Blah!

Often, when I get the Blahs, I just "work my way out of them".  I throw myself into whatever I'm doing, and let the accumulation of completed tasks drag me out of them.  But today, most of my "to do's" involve finances and taxes.  What with buying and selling a house last year, we have a really horrid tax form.  Blah!

One thing that helps me is drinking.  Yes, just water.  Actually, I prefer the fizzy kind, no flavoring.  In a break for lunch, I had three large glasses, and feel much better.  It seems to affect my energy level.  Somehow, when it's raining outside, it's hard to remember to drink enough.  I learned to drink a lot of water when I was singing a lot--it's the singer's best friend.  I realized that I felt better when I wasn't low-grade dehydrated, which I think most of us are most of the time.  I'm pretty good about it--there is a machine at work that dispenses fizzy water, and I drink it by the quart.  But the weekends, I have to remember to keep up with it.

Exercise, exercise.  Funny, the one time I seem to crave exercise is when the weather is so lousy I can't do it.  My long-suffering Nordic Track hasn't been fully functional since we moved.  Perhaps that's something useful I can do today--set it up, and even use it.  Blah!

Thank you for reading.

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