Reiki Masters


Well, who would have figured it.  Last weekend Diana and I initiated two people to level 1 Reiki.  Our Reiki master training got a bit truncated by our move, so we were nervous, but everything went very well.  Our class passed with flying colors.  And we felt very very proud of ourselves.

Reiki is, of course, one of those things that can't be explained by science.  It's this woo-woo energy stuff that has no explanation and can't possibly work.  But it does.  It's funny that one of our students, scientifically trained, was having doubts right up to the beginning of the initiation (more properly called the attunement).  Is this real, or have I been imagining things?  She is off with her family at a cabin in Vermont, where we hope she is practicing and getting to trust what is happening.  The other student had few doubts.  She turned down several chances to learn Reiki earlier in her life, but decided that we were the teachers she had been waiting for.  How flattering it is!

Mid afternoon Saturday I was lying on the massage table while Diana was teaching them the hand positions for the Reiki treatment.  They put their hands on me, and wham!  They had definitely got it, and we hadn't even finished the attunement yet.  It was such a wonderful feeling.  I got up halfway through the lesson so Diana could lie down and feel the same thing.  Because if Reiki itself is woo-woo, the attunement is super woo-woo squared.  But it worked.

I've had two meetings with a hypnotherapist to work on my weight again.  Neither one went as planned.  She guided me on a meditation, but my mind had a mind of its own.  However, the images that came up were very powerful.  The second time, I felt my father standing next to me in the visualization, only for a second.  But it was so surprising it came up there, out of the blue.  Perhaps not so surprising, when I thought about it, since he had a weight problem all his life too.

So in the first meditation, I had a powerful image of a young child, perhaps 6 or 7, locked in a closet or a bathroom, and pounding hysterically on the walls and door.  Over the top anger and fear.  And when I looked around, I saw a skinny, thin-lipped man about 25, severely dressed, who had put him in there.  These images have been me, in varying degrees of vividness, all week.  And I've eaten a lot less, without feeling deprived.  I also had dreams of falling into holes and getting trapped.  And in my second session, I had the feeling of walking carefully over a thin crust of earth, ready to break loose and send me down down down.

I am so scared of this work, but I also feel like its time I did it.  I've gained quite a bit since we moved, and it's time for it to come off.  And for me to inhabit my body and listen better to what it needs.  If only I could get that kid to stop kicking on the door...

Thank you for reading.

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