I've Been Translated!


One long plane flight, and we are in another world. A new job that is wonderful beyond my hopes. A school that is rapidly winning the hearts of Eson and Yson. A very funky temporary living arrangement calculated to drive us insane over the next month. And weather.

Yes, the Boston area has weather. I'll have to take some pictures to replace my faithful sunset that has graced this journal for nearly a year. Right now it would be skies of steely blue and ice-covered reeds and weeds and plants and trees sparkling beyond the ability of film to capture. Diana and the boys learning to walk on snow--the boys had never seen snow fall.

In fact, during a break at school on Thurs, as the snow was starting to come down, Eson walked outdoors to watch the flakes come down. He stood there for 15 minutes, taking it all in. When he came in, a teacher who had seen him asked him if he was OK.

On Tues, Eson and his biology class went to visit a nearby beaver dam and lodge. He was very excited about the experience, and the next day took Diana to see it too. This is a good sign that the school is engaging him. The all-important friendships are starting to come, as well...

Diana and I went shopping today--we managed to get me a new raincoat and four nice shirts for little more than $100. She is an awesome shopper--she loves the chase, and delights in bring home the prey. We had lunch at a little restaurant / deli where we are already becoming known. They had a curried butternut squash soup that was some of the best food I've had in months. I had told Diana that soups mean something in the East that is lost in translation to California, and this soup was a perfect example. Fed the body and fed the soul.

Last night, with some trepidation, we went to a local Mexican place and found it more than passible. It's close enough to our temporary digs that we could probably walk down there and have a Margarita or two and walk home. An appealing prospect.

Next week--our cars, and the first several boxes will arrive. Should be interesting. It will be great to have more than one car again. And a bit scary to see whether California tires will work in the snow...

Just time to post this before we assemble for dinner. Hope to be posting more regularly from now on...

Thank you for reading.

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