Tarot Journey


I've been working with the Tarot again.  I did a workshop about a year and a half ago that involved the Tarot a lot.  Not for fortune telling, but to help gain balance in my life.  Since shit has been flying the last several week, balance would feel good to me.

So each day I take one of the Trumps, read the commentary (typically about 5 pages), and then meditate on the card.  I do the cards in order (or at least one of the orders--there is a lot of controversy over the "true" order), starting with the Fool, and ending with the World.

As I do this, I'm aware that the Tarot is telling a story, one that we all live out, a journey that is played out over and over in our lives.  The first third of the story is about marshalling our forces--out of chaos comes inspiration, which leads to our assuming our power, both worldly and spiritual, and gaining material comfort and recognition.  This culminates in the Chariot, the pinnacle of triumph.

In the second stage of the journey, the omens become dark, disturbing.  Strength, where a young woman tames a lion with her bare hands.  The hermit, alone on the hill.  The Wheel of Fortune, with its strange writings and symbolisms.  The Hanging Man, suspended upside down in a state of grace.  Death, harvesting souls to return them to the great beyond.  The Devil, whose terrifying looks obscure his fundamental weakness.  And the Tower, crashing down, all the material power and wisdom blasted away.

The third part of the journey is coming home.  The images are more tranquil.  A still pond with a Star in the background.  A garden with two children playing.  A dog and a wolf, howling at the moon.  Resurrection, the bodies coming up to heaven.  And the World, with the dancer, of unknown sex, dancing in the sky, while spiritual and earthly signs abide in harmony.

I'm amazed that the commentary still teaches me things--I see more each time I read it (I use the Paul Foster Case book, published by B.O.T.A.)  And the images affect me differently each time--sometimes, they sit there flat and my mind wanders.  Other times, the pulse with energy and I can almost see the figures move.  I feel like I could step into the energy, like Alice in Wonderland.

Recently, I have been meditating at night and have fallen asleep over several of the cards.  Quite a way to go.  Sometimes wonderful dreams.  Other times deep, refreshing sleep.

And I feel the balance returning.  Each card resonates with a different part of me, brings it out, makes it conscious, removes some of the veil.  And as I walk the journey, I am dismantled and put back together, stronger.  And more balanced... 

Thank you for reading.

Copyright © 2002 Pete Stevens. All rights reserved.