Today I took another step on my path to becoming a Reiki Master--I assisted at a Reiki Level 1 initiation at Sam's house.  Diana also assisted.  We initiated two people, one of whom was my daughter.

The experience was very powerful.  Basically, Sam did 1/2 of the initiation work, while Diana and I each did 1/4 of the work.  And Sam set up the whole experience and "ran the show".  Reiki is energetic healing, and everyone experiences it quite differently.  I am a "hot" Reiki person--when I start doing Reiki, I start sweating all over and turn beet red, and people experience my hands as hot.  Today was not as hot as the previous few days, but it was a hot day for me to be doing Reiki without air conditioning--I ended up dripping wet.  The experience was so powerful that in the middle of one part of the initiation I totally went into the void--forgot my name, forgot what I was doing, just was.  Sam and Diana cued me in so that I was able to complete the initiation.  Sam summed it up--"Man, you were blasted on that one!"  I was, indeed.  My daughter was also blasted--like father, like daughter.  She turned red and had to sit down at one point in the proceedings.

It's amazing to me that something that has such obvious power is not accepted and studied by science--why should scientists spend so much to build atom smashers and put telescopes in orbit, and at the same time not see that there is something here that is worth study and has enormous value.  It's so sad that it takes generations for scientists to be willing to accept ideas that are true and work, when ordinary people accept them immediately.  I think the pursuit of objectivity as a virtue make it difficult, paradoxically, to be objective.

I am reading Sam Keen's Hymns to an Unknown God, which makes much the same point.  You are an observer of the universe, and you need to admit it.  Objectivity is an abstraction, not reality, and as an abstraction is a distortion as well--all abstractions lose details, sometimes important details, in order to become abstract.  To become objective, we lose that sense of being in the here and now that is crucial to the experience of ourselves, our bodies, and Reiki.

Since philosophy makes my brain hurt, I'm off to make dinner.  Nothing brings the blasted mind back to Earth better than food.

Thank you for reading.

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