Lint-Trap 3/4/01: Aka




From time to time I pick up in other journals depreciating references to 'dream journals'. And I certainly never had any intention of making this journal into a dream journal. I have a (paper) dream journal that write in, typically while sitting on the toilet at 3AM trying hard not to forget the dream I awoke from with bursting bladder.

But yesterday's entry does seem like a reasonable exception. And I trust today's will be as well.

Because last night, I dreamed the same dream again. But it was totally different. There was the same sense of being in a totally beautiful place. There was the same sense of all our possessions being connected to their makers and to us, and adapting to both. There was the same sense of being enclosed in a warm supportive network of these connections.

But it wasn't on another planet, it was here and now. And it was about the Hawaiian idea of aka.

The Ancient Hawaiians believed that when you touched someone or something, or even tought about them, you were connected to them by a cord of a substance called aka. This aka connection could carry thoughts or transmit healing energy, or mana.

So if you wore a coat someone else made, the coat was still connected to the maker by an aka connection. And with enough mana, this connection could carry energy.

You can think of aka cords as HTML links on the astral plane (why do I think I may be the only person on earth who thinks this is a funny analogy...).

So here you and I are, with all these aka cords stuck to us. Carrying energy. And this energy can interfere with our sense of being in the present moment, and seeing clearly how things are for us right now. So the Hawaiians recommended cutting most aka cords periodically, sort of the way we would go to the dentist to have our plaque scraped. For example, the aka cord from your mother to you was formed many years ago, and still carries much of the energy of your being a child. By cutting this cord, you can grow another that shows you to her as an adult.

The key to cutting an aka cord so it can regrow in the here and now is forgiveness. The ancient Hawaiians had a "technology" of forgiveness that was amazing, powerful, and effective.

Forgiving someone who has wronged you, or disappointed you, or ignored you, can be one of the most powerful and affirming things you can do.

For yourself.

And when I forgive someone, I can actually feel the aka cords dropping away, leaving me freer to move and be in the moment, with less stale old energy clogging my perception.

But it isn't especially easy. The Hawaiian techniques work, wonderfully. And that's why I'm off to Hawaii in a few days to study more Huna. And teaching an introduction to Huna today. Aloha.

Thank you for reading.

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