Lint-Trap 3/1/01: Space Party


Space Party


When we lost saw our hero, he was falling into bed after an evening spent stewing over the idiocy of his boss, and his own stupid masochism in putting up with it.

So I came to work with gritted teeth. And everything came out OK.

We got together, and decided that the basic policy was sound, that my implementation could be improved, in a few particulars. And we decided to have a 'space party' in the new building, where people could pick their new offices in order of seniority. The company obliged us by calling a monthly communication meeting.

So after the communication meeting, we met in the new building. It was soon clear that we should have brought beer. People were reacting with cheers and groans to every choice.

It was great. Everyone was happy. And it worked out beautifully.

And I learned some things.

One thing, about my boss. He really is a people person. He doesn't like email (I don't think he types very fast--his responses are always one line...). He would rather engage people face to face.

I like people, but typically find them more interesting, even fascinating, rather than likeable. I'm inclined to solve a problem like the space problem by setting up a few rules and then following them. I keep forgetting how much that turns off some people.

So next time we will have beer. My boss and I will do a better job of talking. And hopefully I'll do a better job of rolling with the punches.

In any case, it feels like I have knees again. Perhaps I should use them to pray that these experiences don't happen too often.

Thank you for reading.

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