Lint-Trap 2/14/01: Snow Pictures


Snow Pictures


This entry has the pictures I promised in the last entry of the "Blizzard of 'O1". The first one is a general one, taken just after dawn, showing the height of the snow no the deck railing.

Snow on the Railing

The second is the state of the flower box, where last summer hummingbirds were frequent guests. Doesn't seem very inviting to them now.

Snow on the Flower Box

This porch swing is one of my favorite places to watch the sunset, when it doesn't have a cushion of snow on it.

Snow on the Porch Swing

Have you ever seen a really snowy palm tree! It seems to survive such mistreatment, I don't know how...

Snowy palm tree

I'll write about Diana when I can.

Thank you for reading.

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