Lint-Trap 1/16/01: Paperwork



I had a strange dream last night. I dreamt that I quit my current job and took another one. And this was in vivid detail, including the HR exit interview for my current job, an interview with the president of the new company, whom I really liked, taking the new job, filling out forms for benefits, etc. on the first day of my new job, and starting to work coding a program. It was actually a very pleasant dream, despite the paperwork.

This kind of dream makes me wonder why I'm not like other people. Surely if I were going to fulfill deeply repressed wishes in my dreams, it wouldn't be for filling out paperwork. Surely I could have conjured a few nubile Goddesses to disport with, or set myself up as the Emperor of the Universe. Instead, I'm filling out insurance forms.

On the other hand, I could have had a nightmare, as well. When I was singing in choruses, I had ample grist for nightmares--I'm standing in my tux, somehow unaccountably without any pants on, trying to find my music as the chorus files on and I'm not even sure what we are singing...

As my dreaming has become more lucid, I've been able to clean up my dreams somewhat. When I found myself naked in public the last few times in dreams, I have been able to say 'this is a dream, I don't need to put up with this!' and conjure up some clothing.

At any rate, I woke feeling pretty good about my job change, although I'm not all that unhappy with my current job. And as I slowly came awake, thinking about what I really wanted to do, the thought came: "Use Software to help people get along better."

Which leads to speculation about why people don't get along well now.

And whatever could software do about it? Any suggestions eagerly accepted.

On a more mundane level, my ISDN line is now working wonderfully well. The Phone guy, who lives a bit farther up on my road, found a cable that had been uncovered by an auto accident, and water was getting in. What he found explains everything I've seen since I got my ISDN, so I hope he found 'the' problem (like the last bug).

It was indeed a cold night last night--there's a thin layer of ice on my outdoor fountain, the first time I've seen that in the year I've lived here. Usually, when it gets cold it's pretty still, but last night was cold and windy, so the wind chill was well down into the 20s. Still, you'd never know it this morning.

I'm beginning to go into a bit of a panic about having 16 people up here for Cioppino next Sun. Taking down the Christmas stuff might be a good place to start getting ready... And see if I can line up 16 big bowls. And napkins. And places at the table. Yike! Sam is bringing bibs, which she says are essential, so I'm getting worried that the whole house may be awash in tomato sauce and fish by the time everyone leaves.

At the same time, I had such a good time on Sun. with some of the same people at the Opera. I can't imagine that it won't be a wonderful day, even if we have to eat the fish as sushi. I feel very blessed that I have a growing circle of friends to have fun with.

When Sammy asked Pete, 'Hey, did he know
How good it felt eating Cioppino?'
Pete said 'Yes, that he knew
It's a great fishy stew.
But it's good to stock up on the Bean-o.'

Thank you for reading.

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