Lint-Trap 1/10/01: Entry Destroyed!

Entry Destroyed!


(Written 10/12/01) I'm raging and furious. My phone and ISDN line have stopped working, most likely due to the winter storm we had. The phone company said it will be Monday before they can get out here. I had three entries written, trapped on my home Linux system.

So, I decided to put the entries on a floppy and take them to work to download.

I have a nice new Red Hat Linux system at home that I'm not very used to. It has a nice interface called Gnome that looks a lot like windows and the Mac. Since I'm a Unix/Linux hacker from way back, this doesn't thrill me, but at last it looked like it would be useful. I stuck a floppy into the system, selected the three files, dragged them into the floppy, and voila, there they were.

I thought.

I was delighted. But because I'm a suspicious old fart, I decided to make sure I could read the files off the floppy. The first file looked fine. The second had the last 3/4 replaced by garbage. Ditto the third file.

At this point, I was concerned. I inserted the floppy again. Now, all the entries had disappeared.

Ah well, back to the drawing board, thought I. I still have the originals on my disc.

Wrong! Those turkeys had deleted my original files after copying them to disc!. Three precious entries, gone. Poking around, I found the 1/11 entry was still there under another name (I'd made a recent copy). But 1/10 was lost forever, and 1/12, which I'd just typed in, was also lost.

I typed in 1/12 again, once I got my blood pressure under control. But 1/10 didn't make it back into my consciousness enough to be worth recreating. It is lost and gone forever. R.I.P.

As I write this on the evening of 1/12, my voice phone is down, but my ISDN is still dead. So I'm copying these entries from my Linux machine to my home PC, so I can get them downloaded. So I've made 1/10 a chronicle of the difficult birth and early days of lint-trap.

Thank you for reading.

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